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Asphalt shingles last 20-30 years. Is it time for a replacement?

Proper roof ventilation extends shingle life.

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✅ Material: Asphalt shingles (fiberglass or organic)

✅ Lifespan: 15-30 years (depending on quality and climate)

✅ Pros: Affordable: Compared to other roofing materials, asphalt shingles offer a budget-friendly option.

✅ Cons: Susceptible to wind damage and hail: Strong winds and hail can dislodge or damage asphalt shingles.

✅ Material: Metal (steel, aluminum, etc.)

✅ Lifespan: 40-70+ years (depending on material and climate)

✅ Pros: Long lifespan: Metal roofs can last significantly longer than asphalt shingles, with some lasting over 70 years.

✅ Cons: Higher initial cost than asphalt shingles: Metal roofs typically have a higher upfront cost than asphalt shingles.

✅ Material: Clay or concrete tiles

✅ Lifespan: 50-100+ years (depending on quality, installation, and climate)

✅ Pros: Extremely long lifespan: Tile roofs are known for their exceptional durability, lasting for generations with proper care.

✅ Cons: Higher initial cost: Tile roofs are one of the most expensive roofing options due to the material and installation process.

✅ Material: Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)

✅ Lifespan: 15-20 years (depending on installation, maintenance, and climate)

✅ Pros: Energy-efficient: The white reflective surface of TPO roofs helps reduce cooling costs by deflecting sunlight.

✅ Cons: TPO roofs typically don't last as long as some other flat roof options like metal.


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