The Ultimate Guide to Metal Roofing (Pros & Cons)

Sep 18, 2023

Installing a metal roof can enhance the overall value of your home because of its robust nature of the element, saving money on energy costs and insurance. Metal roofs are available in steel or aluminum material. You can also paint these metal roofs to enhance their beauty.  

If you’re considering installing a new roof, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of using metal roofing before deciding. The type of metal, climate, and installation procedures can affect metal roof performance. Learn from this guide and determine whether a metal roof is an option for your house.  

Advantages of a Metal Roof 

Here are some benefits of metal roofs, which show why installing a new roof can increase property value.   

Easy to install and Lightweight: Metal roofs are light as compared to other roofing materials, so it’s easy for roofing contractors to bring the material for the project onsite. It can be installed directly on top of your existing roofing material by adding some support below it. Metal roofs come in large panels and are easier to install than other roofing materials like asphalt roofs.   

Beautiful in appearance: Metal roofs offer various color options and designs. These metal roofs have copper, aluminum, steel, or zinc materials. Metal roofs have improved in quality, from curved metal sheets on buildings to sleek, modern panels.  

Save money on energy costs: Metal roofs can reduce your cooling and heating costs during summer and winter. Metal roofs reflect the sunlight instead of absorbing it, so as a result, it will keep the house cool during hot summer. You won’t have to run your air conditioner for longer, which will cut the cost. During winter, metal roofs also insulate your house, keeping your house warm by preventing the hot air from escaping.   

Resistant to weather Damage: Metal roofs can withstand storms, including wind, snow, and rain, better than other materials if properly installed and maintained. If you have used a protective layer like paint or other materials, it can help prevent corrosion from moisture. Metal roofs are resistant to fire, pests, and rot.  

Last Longer: Metal roofs have a longer life than traditional asphalt shingles. If you’re looking for a durable roofing option that will last many years, metal roofing is a great choice. It can withstand the test of time and typically comes with a warranty to ensure your investment stays protected. 

Lower Insurance: Metal roofs can withstand storms and are fire resistant, so insurance premiums are lower. Keep in mind that these savings can cover your installation cost.   

Disadvantages of a Metal Roof  

Even though metal roofs are reliable and value for money, there are some problems with metal roofs that you can avoid by considering the following factors:   

Installation Cost: Metal roofing installation is complex; only a professional can handle it. Hiring an expert roofing installer is expensive. The installation cost should be considered as an upfront investment as, in the long run, metal roofs can save a lot on insurance, maintenance, energy cost, and replacements.   

Noise Issues: During the rainy season, you may hear the sound of raindrops on your metal roof. At times, it can have a soothing effect, while at other times, it may be bothersome. To avoid this, install an extra layer of plywood insulation to keep the sounds out of your living space. This extra layer will increase the installation cost.  

Roof Cleaning Issue: It’s challenging to clean a metal roof during the rainy season and even more dangerous icy weather. Walking on metal surfaces covered in ice or water can be hazardous as they can become slippery. To ensure your safety, contacting a professional roofing service provider for roof inspections is best. 

Dents from Hail or Fallen Tress: Metal roofs can withstand extreme weather, but fallen trees and large hail can make some dents on the roof. To avoid this, consider a more substantial material like steel instead of aluminum and copper.   

Temperature Changes: Due to extreme weather, metal can expand and contract, making the roof panel warp over time. Metal roofs are installed using special clips, allowing them a little space to move in response to temperature changes.   

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