The Different Types of Roofing Styles and Their Benefits

Sep 18, 2023

The roofing world has a rich history of diverse styles and techniques that have evolved over thousands of years. As technology takes us forward, another revolutionary jump into the future will happen. Even after technological advancements, the value of roofing is still the same. Basic roofing options are still available and remind us about the old styles. Let’s explore these options and find the best fit for you in the United States. 

Varieties of Roofs 

In short, ten primary roofing styles are commonly found in the United States. There are many others, but we will only discuss the most used styles in the USA.  

  • Gable Roof 
  • Hip Roof 
  • Dutch Roof 
  • Mansard Roof 
  • Flat Roof 
  • Shed Roof 
  • Butterfly Roof 
  • Gambrel Roof 
  • Dormer Roof 
  • M Shaped Roof 

Exploring Some Popular Styles 

Let’s focus on a few of these styles and explore why they’ve gained popularity. 

Gable Roof 

The gable roof is a quintessential design seen all across the US and beyond. Its timeless appeal has made it a staple for countless homes. It’s simple yet effective design features triangular walls on each side, meeting at a pitched angle. With reliability, ease of construction, and durability, the gable roof continues to be a favored choice. 

Hip Roof 

Slightly more modern but equally notable is the hip roof. While less widespread than the gable roof, it still graces many homes in the US. This design resembles the gable roof but differentiates with slightly pitched tiled sides, providing a contemporary twist. 

Dormer Roof 

Amidst the urban space struggle of recent times, the dormer roof has surged in popularity. This design borrows inspiration from the gable and hip roofs but introduces a unique element. Dormer windows jut out from the pitched roof, creating additional space and welcoming more natural light into upper rooms. 

In the realm of roofing, the options are indeed vast, each with its history and practicality. As you consider your roofing needs in the United States, remember that while technology advances and new styles emerge, the essence of dependable and enduring roofing remains constant. If you are looking for an experienced and trustworthy roofing contractor, Big G Roofing is here to help you with your roofing project. Get in touch with us now to start your roofing journey with complete assurance. 

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