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At Big G Roofing & More, Inc., our roofing experts are driven to deliver outstanding craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service. We place great emphasis on listening carefully to your requirements and wishes so that we can exceed them all! Whether it is a minor repair, an entirely new installation or even a full replacement – you can trust us with the task knowing that our experts have the necessary abilities and experience for successful completion of projects. Furthermore, by using state-of-the art technology along with premium resources in every job we do, you can be sure that your roof will remain strong for years into the future!

Roofers in Hollywood: Big G Roofing & More, Inc. for Your Roofing Needs

When searching for a dependable roofing contractor in Hollywood, look no further than Big G Roofing & More, Inc. Our reliable team provides premium services ranging from installation and maintenance to repairs. We only use the best materials designed specifically for your building or home along with exceptional workmanship that you won’t find anywhere else around town! So when it’s time to get your roof looking perfect again, trust our experts at Big G Roofing & More, Inc – we guarantee top-notch results every time!

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With over a decade and a half of expertise in the industry, Big G Roofing & More, Inc. is renowned for being one of the most trustworthy roofers in Hollywood FL. We guarantee to deliver top-notch residential and commercial roofing services that surpass industry standards as we are certified professionals. When selecting your next roofer, choose the team with vast experience with external products; our cutting edge training enables us to outperform any other inexperienced businesses who take risks when servicing you home needs.

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Your Reliable Hollywood Roofer

By choosing Big G Roofing & More, Inc., you gain the assurance that our roofers are licensed and insured. Moreover, we ensure your safety by subjecting each contractor to a stringent background check and specialized training. We strive not only to deliver top-notch services at competitive rates but also foster customer relationships! Plus, every specialist has received the Technician Seal of Safety – making clear our commitment to protecting you and your loved ones. Schedule roof Inspection in Hollywood FL now!

Pros in Hollywood Roof Repair

Reclaim your peace of mind with the expert services from Big G Roofing & More, Inc. It can be difficult to know when you need roof work done, but there are a few tell-tale signs that will let you know:

  • Leaks: If you notice water stains on your ceiling or walls, it could be a sign that your roof is leaking.
  • Damaged shingles: Look for shingles that are cracked, curled, or missing altogether.
  • Granules in gutters: Check your gutters for an excessive amount of granules, which could indicate that your shingles are wearing out.
  • Sagging roof: A sagging roof is a sign of a serious problem and should be addressed immediately.
  • Damaged flashing: If the flashing around your chimney or other roof penetrations is damaged or missing, it can cause leaks.
  • Increased energy bills: A poorly insulated or ventilated roof can cause your energy bills to spike.
  • Age of the roof: If your roof is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, it may be time for repairs or replacement.
  • Cracks in the roof: Small cracks in the roof can become big problems if left unaddressed.

It’s essential to understand that these are only a few general signs and symptoms of possible roof repair needs. If you have any hesitation about your roof, it is always beneficial to connect with an experienced roofing contractor for professional advice and inspection.

We use finest roofing materials just like a roofer in Dallas such as Ready Roofing & Solar.

Expert Hollywood Roof Replacement for Your Home or Business

If your roof is beyond fixable due to a sudden event or extended wear and tear, it’s time for you to get a roof replacement in Hollywood FL. All roofs have an expiration date no matter the current state of condition. At Big G Roofing & More Inc., we specialize in replacing roofs over repair and restoration services – something that may seem intimidating but can be easily handled with our knowledgeable experts! Trust us when we tell you that you are getting top-notch service from reputable professionals.

Ensure the Longevity For Your Roof With Roof Inspection in Hollywood

Big G Roofing & More, Inc. in Hollywood is committed to assisting your roof reach its peak potential life span when it comes to its maintenance. The National Roofing Association

 requires repeated check-ups of both residential and commercial flat roofs – which is why we created a 21 point inspection system that guarantees thorough evaluation of every corner of the rooftop while strictly adhering to standard protocols so as to give an extensive report on any likely issues encountered during the process. Our team boasts qualified contractors who can do all this for you with ease!

Trusted Roofing Specialists

We are committed to ensuring the long-term investment of your home with our quality craftsmanship, trusted warranties and top-notch products. Plus, we make it easy for you! Before even getting in touch with us, take advantage of all the resources available on our website: from qualifications information through certifications research; services overviews; product selections & warranty details — everything is there in one spot! So go ahead and let us provide assistance – helping your house remain stable against any weather life throws its way for years to come! Contact us now.

Best Value High-Quality Roofing Services

No one beats Big G Roofing & More, Inc. if you’re seeking for the best value and premier roofer in Hollywood! Our family-owned and operated business has provided superior service to Miami-Dade County for generations, garnering five-star reviews along the way as well as being accredited by the BBB. We are dedicated to surpass all customer expectations through our excellent workmanship – something we have been perfecting since day one! Connect with s: Follow Our Facebook Page and Check Our Yelp.

Hollywood Roofing Experts – Protect Your Home Now!

Our revered team of professionals possess the needed know-how, implements and experience to offer you with a complete roof replacement or repair service. With decades of insight in Hollywood, FL we guarantee stunning results conveyed promptly and at an unbeatable price. Furthermore if any queries come up during the method you can count on us for advantageous advice every phase! Together let’s ensure your home receives its ideal defense against environmental elements!

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