Choosing the Right Roof for Older Florida Homes

Sep 18, 2023

A roof is one of the essential elements of your house. It protects you from different seasons and keeps you dry, safe, and warm. A strong roof is crucial for safety in older Florida homes. 

Suppose you think that the time has come to make the repair or roof replacement of your old Florida house. If that’s the situation, it’s crucial to be aware of other roofing options, construction methods, and ways to modify it. 

Older Roof Construction vs. Modern Roof Construction  

Over 100 years ago, clay tiles were used as a primary roofing material. Clay tiles were used in roofs because they’re fireproof, which provides peace of mind. It was the popular choice material at that time.   

At that time, waterproofing capabilities were the same as today. Despite the advancements in modern housing materials, clay tiles are still in use due to their durability. Technological advancement has created better materials with waterproofing capabilities.  

Alternative Roofing Materials  

Old houses have used heavy materials on the roof. However, today we have a variety of lightweight roofing shingles. Some of the most used are:   

Metal Roofing: There are many reasons metal roofing is popular in Florida. Metal roofs withstand heavy rainfall and extreme winds, and aluminum resists salt corrosion. Metal roofs also lower your house’s internal temperature by reflecting UV rays, and other materials can absorb the heat.   

Clay Tiles: There are many reasons clay tiles are still prevalent in the roofing world. It can last up to 30 years. They won’t rot when exposed to moisture, and also, they’re fireproof.  

Roof Modifications and Roof Repairs for Older Homes in Florida  

If you are living in an older house and want to do a repair or replace your roof, there are a few things to consider:   

  1. Roof Assessment: Getting an assessment done by the professionals at Big G Roofing will give you an idea of whether to repair or get the roof replaced. The professional will also guide you about the material used and which material will be the best fit for further use.   
  2. Material to use: You can choose any material discussed above based on your needs when repairing or replacing a roof. Our team will help you pick a material depending on your needs and building design.   
  3. Rules and Regulations: If you live in a historical landmark house, the process for replacement and repair will be different as you have to follow the codes and regulations.  

With years of experience in the roofing business, Big G Roofing and more can help you with your roof repairs and replacements. If your home needs a repair or replacement, contact us today.   

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